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Dear Visitor:

Welcome to our Website. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Roy Strom family of companies: Roy Strom Refuse Removal Service, Roy Strom Excavating and Grading, and Greenwood Transfer. For well over half a century our family has maintained an integrated business approach to meeting our customers’ service needs. Our service partnership philosophy is incorporated into every business relationship we enter in to.

Roy Strom is one of the oldest and respected hauling companies in the Chicago metropolitan area. We are a local Illinois corporation that has served commercial businesses and residential communities in Chicago and the near north, south, and west suburbs since 1944. Our insistence on maintaining one ownership, one management and one focus has earned generations of repeat business. There is no substitute for performance. Whether it is excavating, waste collection, recycling, or waste transfer our focus remains our customer! Our diverse portfolio of service capabilities allows us to better meet your business needs from:

  • Project site preparation and excavation, to materials / spoils removal.
  • Ensuring mandated LEEDS requirements for construction debris are met.
  • The environmentally responsible management and collection of waste and recyclable materials. 
  • The proper disposal of unrecoverable waste.

Our Excavating Company has garnered a reputation for handling difficult, specialized, or never attempted projects. We assist our general construction or development partners by developing and implementing technical solutions that meet their customer’s requirements, not generating reports indicating why their vision cannot be realized. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate why our company’s banner heralds “We Dig Quality.”

We take pride in implementing progressive collection programs that ensure a “Greener Advantage” to those we serve. As an innovator in the dual collection of residential and commercially generated waste and recyclable materials, and single stream recycling formats we ensure our customers receive a “Greener Advantage.” Cleaner air, reduced municipal costs, safer, less congested streets and alleys, efficient rate structures, allowing businesses to meet environmental objectives under challenged collection conditions, and reduced operating costs are examples of the “Greener Advantages” we afford our customers.

I invite you to take a few moments to browse through our Website. We look forward to personally introducing our company to you and the privilege of earning your business. Should you have a question about one of our companies, the expertise we bring to the job, or how a specialized waste collection application can net you a “Greener Advantage” contact one of our professionals in Excavating or Waste Services.


Roy A. Strom