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Roy A. Strom

Roy Strom, Chief Executive Officer

 Mr. Strom is responsible for senior management, strategic planning, and corporate operations for waste and recyclable material collection, and waste processing and transfer functions.   He has over 30 years of experience in the excavating business and solid waste industry.   Mr. Strom, utilizing his “hands on” industry experience and business acumen has aggressively worked to enhance, diversify and grow both businesses.  Residential and commercial collection operations have nearly doubled in size; dual commodity collection and fully automated containerized collection formats have been introduced; material recovery and landscape waste recovery operations have been expanded and grown, and Greenwood Transfer, LLC, a fully permitted MSW transfer facility has been sited by the state of Illinois and built. 

 Mr. Strom’s attention to detail, understanding of the metropolitan area, and adept financial management and personnel selection skills have allowed both the Excavating and Waste and Recycling Services companies to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace.  

Dale L. Brooks, President / CFO 

Mr. Brooks is responsible for the company’s financial affairs (budget, accounting, billing, payables and receivables management), human resources, and payroll and benefit administration functions for the Roy Strom Companies.  Mr. Brooks oversees, on a daily basis, all activities in the aforementioned disciplines.  He is familiar with, and monitors activities in those areas as they relate to providing service to the company’s diverse customer base.  Mr. Brooks has over sixteen years experience in managing excavating company, hauling company, waste transfer, and material processing financial business functions.  He has a strong corporate audit and business accounting background, and is a CPA.  His application of adept financial management skills and business acumen have greatly assisted the company achieve its customer service objectives.   The responsible investment policy the company has maintained under his guidance has allowed the company to reinvest in its future with the development of Greenwood Transfer, LLC, and maintain the capital and operating reserves necessary to function through economic downturns.  The latter allows the company to continue to meet its service obligations.   


Undergraduate Study:  Monmouth College

Graduate Study:  The University of Iowa