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ImageFrom the Village’s perspective good service, competitive market pricing, and a cooperative working relationship are hallmarks of a quality service provider. For the better part of three decades Roy Strom Refuse Removal Service has met that criterion.

Strom closely follows the Village’s comprehensive service guidelines to ensure the highest level of service is maintained in a cost and environmentally prudent manner. The Company’s introduction of a dual collection format has afforded the residents of River Forest a true “Greener Advantage.” By collecting waste and recycling in separate compartments in one vehicle Strom has reduced the number of large trucks operating on municipal streets and alleys, damage to municipal infrastructure, and vehicle air emissions.

From meeting weekly operating requirements to assisting the Village provide emergency clean up-services in response to natural disasters, Strom has defined why it  has remained the Village's solid waste collection service provider.  

Philip Cotter
Interim Director of Public Works