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Greenwood Transfer, LLC is a fully permitted MSW transfer site. The facility is designed to cost effectively receive, process, and transfer residential and commercial MSW to fully permitted regional landfills. The transfer site serves Roy Strom customers, area municipalities, and hauling companies. 

Greenwood Transfer as part of the Roy Strom family of companies comprehends  the value of being able to get in and out of a disposal site quickly.  Greenwood Transfer personnel are focused on  ensuring  trucks are weighed in, material discharged, and vehicles are weighed out quickly and safely.    The facility's electronic scale, accounting, and billing system ensures accurate load data is available in real time and can be electronically relayed to a customer within minutes of  a vehicle leaving the facility.  

Greenwood Transfer offers a convenient, operationally efficient disposal alternative to Chicago and near west suburban based hauling companies, municipalities, and businesses in need of disposal services.   It allows locally collected waste to be  transferred, in larger volumes, to distant landfills.   Greenwood Transfer  nets customers  reduced fuel and labor costs, and increases operating efficiency by reducing off-route time.  Greenwood is ideally situated from a logistic standpoint.  This helps relieve regional traffic congestion by reducing the distance that must be driven on already congested roadways to dispose of waste materials.  

If you would like more information about Greenwood Transfer please call us at 708-344-5000.