Waste Transfer Services

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The Convenient Alternative

Greenwood Transfer 

Greenwood Transfer, LLC offers a convenient, operationally efficient disposal alternative to Chicago and the near west suburbs.  Hauling companies, municipalities, and businesses in need of disposal services now have a local disposal     alternative. Greenwood allows locally collected waste to be  transferred, in larger volumes, to distant landfills.   Greenwood Transfer nets customers reduced fuel and labor costs, and increases operating efficiency by reducing off-route time.  Greenwood is ideally situated from a logistic standpoint.  This helps relieve regional traffic congestion by reducing the distance that must be driven on already congested metropolitan roadways to dispose of waste materials.  

Greenwood offers: 

  • Waste Transfer.    
  • Construction / Demolition Recovery.
    Greenwood Development, LLC also recovers / recycles construction material discards. The facility accepts, and separates for recovery, non-hazardous material discards from construction, remodeling, and demolition projects.
  • Landscape Waste Transfer.  Greenwood Development, LLC operates a fully permitted Landscape Waste Transfer facility on site. The facility accepts yard waste (grass, leaves, brush material, etc.) for processing and recovery as mulch and, or soil amendment use.

To learn how Greenwood Transfer's alternative disposal option can make cost and time saving sense for you CALL:  

708-344-5000 or 630 469-5005 / ask for the General Manager